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31 Fables icons, from issues three to five.

Due to computer issues (aka, I GOT A NEW ONE WOOHOO) the icons from the first two issues and my Sandman are unavailable (I will have your requests done ASAP, though, tremas.)

I will post them later, because I'm terribly bad at being patient and want to get these up.

-Comment telling me what you've taken
-Credit if you want


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Bonus Materials

I feel, having spent way-too-long on this project (I think it's somewhere around two months) that I have the right to babble on about it for a while, as I've refrained from actually doing it in the icon posts.

For example, it's a constant source of amusement to me that I've made fifty-seven icons of Dream while the closest runner up, the Corinthian, has twenty.

If you add the icons of the other Endless together, you get sixty-three. How does one character get that many icons? I'm not sure. Half the time I'm even going 'no, I don't like the way Dream looks there, or there, or there, or there.'

Don't even ask about why the Corinthian ranks having more icons than Desire. I'm disturbed in the head sometimes.

This Section Has Random Lists

Top Three Icon Subjects
Dream, with 57
The Corinthian, with 20
Desire, with 19

Top Three Icons Of Those Three

I love that hat on him. It's a seriously groovy hat.

Dream spends a lot of time being glum. I just like this icon of him looking so sad.

Daniel!Dream! Like I've mentioned, I love the art for The Wake and I like this bit of Daniel looking all thoughtful from it.

The Corinthian

Ting! Goes the toothy smile and you know that the creepy serial-killing nightmare is back. I love this guy!

He has eyeballs. You cannot tell me that is not awesome.

Thinky-think goes the Corinthian. I like how pondery he is.


It looks very pretty in this picture.

I like heart-shaped objects and I like Desire kissing things. Simple!

Desire is so gorgeous in this picture. I can really see why everyone's in love with it. Plus it looks all slightly-evil.

Top Ten Favourite Icons (Not Including The Above)
Delirium's pretty colours make me happy here.
Destruction's attempts at creation amuse me. Besides, I go scritch a lot.
Who doesn't love verbal gerbils?
Ishtar's death always makes me cry. Hard.
Unity has pretty lips.
I like Daniel!Dream's necklace. And I like the little green glowy-flare thing.
Duma is hot. I'm shallow. He was naked.
Her hair really shines here, and I like how I did that
Barnabas's snark and Delirium's rainbows are the best
I loved the art in Exiles and I chose my favourite piece of it and spent far too long trying to find a decent border for it. But I like how it turned out.

More Random Babble
As I'm sure everyone's noticed by now, I like heart-shaped objects. I don't know why, but I've spent my entire life trying to draw perfect ones and I was delighted by all the hearts in Sandman. They're so cute.

I also have a mild obsession with angels and demons. I really, really need to track down all of the Lucifer comics so that I can finally indulge my fixation on him. Yes, I'm sad. Altogether, I made twenty-eight icons featuring angelic or demonic beings. Lucifer, of course, has the most with thirteen, a number that seems strangely appropriate. Heh. Remiel came second, with seven, even though I prefer Duma.

I didn't make very many icons of the inhabits of the Dreaming, besides the Corinthian and Dream- I've got a few of Gilbert, I think I have some of Matthew, and one of Abel. Other than that, I've got pretty much nothing. I kept intending to make icons of them, but I never did get around to it. Oops!

And now that I have babbled about everything I intended to babble about, I'll let you go. I hope you've enjoyed all the icons. Keep your sets tuned for more to come.

- Chloe K. Evil

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25 Sandman icons from The Wake.

I feel bad that this update isn't as large as the others, but while Wake has overall beautiful art it was hard to find bits to icon. However, I managed, and I personally believe that these icons are excellent.

Also, I'm finished this project. I don't remember the last time I finished something I set out to do, so I'm very proud of myself today.

If anyone would like me to delve back into the Sandman-y depths to get icons of a specific character or moment, I'd be more than happy to. Otherwise, I'll start work on my Fables icons.

-Comment with what you've taken
-Credit if you want, it is appreciated and gives me little wriggles of glee.


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68 Sandman icons from The Kindly Ones.

I spent far too much time on the Corinthian- apparently I have a weakness for men with teeth in their eyes.

Next update should be the last- I'll try to get through all of The Wake.

After that, I'm planning on doing Fables, if anyone is interested.

Also, after the next update I will take requests on icons of people or things from Sandman that I didn't get around to doing if anyone wants them.

-Comment with what you are taking
-Credit is nice but unnecessary


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59 Sandman icons, from the beginning of Dream Country to the end of Season of Mists.

Wasn't a big fan of most of the art in Season of Mists, so the icons from there are pretty spotty. Lots of angels. And how the heck do I get so many icons of Dream?

-Comment with what you're taking if you take anything
-Credit is appreciated
-Hotlinking bad


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Today, I made icons.

I did pretty much nothing but. I'm lucky I remembered to eat.

However, obsessiveness pays off.

64 Sandman icons, ranging from Preludes and Nocturnes 4 to The Doll's House 7.

There aren't any from P&N 5 and 6 because I don't like those two and won't read them if I don't have to. And I didn't.


-Comment if you take anything.
-Credit is appreciated.
-No hotlinking.


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Okay, after not updating for yonks, do I have an update in store for you.

53 Sandman icons, from Preludes and Nocturnes 1-3, The Sound of Her Wings, and Brief Lives 6-9.

Fear my level of obsession.

-Leave a comment letting me know which ones you're taking
-Credit is appreciated, but not necessary


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I made icons today. Two of them, and then I found another one that I hadn't posted yet, so I thought I should, especially as it matches the other two.


So fair, so cold

Like a watercolour

Comment and credit if you want them!
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Four Chloe Comic icons. If you want these, you DEFINITELY have to comment and credit me for both the icon and the artwork. Okay?

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